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Like many party games, Spin the Bottle is actually a session of pure emotional turmoil and social subterfuge. Which is as perfect for telling stories as it is for kissing. 

In this game, use the literal mechanics of Spin the Bottle (kissing optional) combined with a gamified version of the socially stressful situation the game creates to tell a new story of former Monster High graduates attending their reunion and hoping to reunite with an old flame.

Includes a basic How-To to create your own game using this system. I'm really hoping people will call their games "Spun by the Bottle". Please grant my wish.

Games that use the Spun by the Bottle engine (if you write one, please let me know and I will add it here):

Monday the First

Enemies X Lovers


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Spin The Bottle is a monster romance TTRPG that uses spin the bottle to frame scenes between PCs.

The PDF is 11 pages, with a clean, rustic-feeling layout. Everything is well-organized and easy to read, and the woodgrain backgrounds and high contrast text boxes look nice.

Contents-wise, there *are* kissing mechanics, but they're optional. And they're built within a strong framework of "it's okay to not do this."

The meat of the game is actually its tension. You play a character at a monster high school reunion who wants to be kissing another character, but doesn't want anyone else to find out, and the core mechanics revolve around social deduction.

You spin the bottle, get scenes with other characters, try to have a scene with the person you want to kiss, and try to guess who everyone else wants to kiss. If you can do all of that, you win.

However, because you can only guess someone else's crush when you've spun your own, if you miss your guess you've basically given everyone else at the table free information.

Essentially, don't play this as a sweaty, competitive bluffing game. Use the sweaty, competitive bluffing game as a framework for red hot romantic tension.

Overall, this is a really fresh mechanical concept paired with a great mini romance rpg. If you like monsters, romance, tension, and easy-to-learn mechanics, definitely give this a try.

Also, for TTRPG creators: Spin The Bottle also includes a guide on how to make other games that are Spun By The Bottle. It's solid and helpful, and the system is really easy to hack. Hopefully there'll be a lot more games soon that are Spun By The Bottle!